Providing Solutions To Developmental Disabilities Through Diagnostic, Consultative And Care-Giving Services.

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Beersheba Christian Mission for the Mentally Challenged (BCMMC) is an organization with a Christian orientation that seeks to provide solutions to developmental disabilities through diagnostic, consultative and caregiving services.

BCMMC is also a channel of divine intervention for a broad range of learning difficulties, developmental disorders and behavioural problems with a determination to helping her clients towards living independently. Without disregard for the labours of science and research-based analysis and prognosis, BCMMC emphasises the finished work of Christ which is more than able to provide lasting solutions and reliefs to developmental challenges.

What Drives Us

Seeing that people with developmental challenges especially those with autism can step out of their challenges and live with varying degrees of Independence. Seeing that there is someone who really cares about providing solutions to congenital disabilities from an experiential standpoint.

Blog and News

Bringing interventions, ideas and wisdom for finding rest in special education needs and disabilities.